Welcome to FOSPA. My name is Don Harmon and I am honored to be President of the Facility
Operators and Service Providers Association. Our independent association of building management
professionals was chartered in 2003 serving the greater St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas.


Today’s facility managers are tasked with the challenge to lower operating costs while improving
building efficiency using today’s technology and better management practices. Facility managers are
being asked to strive for operational excellence. If you oversee any physical plant FOSPA has members
who can help you find solutions that benefit you.


Our association’s goal is to provide an educational program that is fun, productive and informative
conducted in a social setting. Over the course of the year we will provide tours, training and information
that will help all members improve efficient productivity in their current positions. FOSPA offers a
networking opportunity for those seeking to further their professional career.


Please continue your tour of our website and feel free to contact me or another board member if you
have any questions. FOSPA board information is on the Executive Member link.


FOSPA membership is waiting for you.


Don Harmon
President, FOSPA

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