FOSPA Board of Directors Information

FOSPA       4/24/21
Facility Operators and Service Providers Association

Informational note regarding our Board of Directors to interested parties.

Our board is comprised of 10 volunteer members, holding the positions of president, vice-president, treasurer, vice president membership, past presidents, and directors. These individuals comprise the BOD / executive committee. They typically serve a term of three years at which time we look to promote members to new positions on the board. We do recruit new executive committee members and we are always interested in general membership who have a desire to serve and we can always find a position either on the executive committee or as a sub-committee leader for special events. There are also opportunities for members to serve as committee volunteers at events like the annual golf tournament and we welcome all who are interested.

If you have an interest in serving, please feel free to contact myself or any board member. Our email addresses are available on the website, under the dropdown tab labeled “FOSPA”, then “Executive Committee.” We’d love to hear from you. We also welcome your suggestions or ideas for educational events or opportunities for improvement.

Bill Weaver
President, FOSPA

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