Frequently Asked Questions

  What is FOSPA?
•  The “Facilities Operator & Service Provider Association” is a non-profit independent “local” group of vendor and end user professionals. We are contractors, tradesmen, managers, technicians, sales professionals, engineers and many other blue and white collar type individuals.
•  We are a group of men and women that work in facilities operations that enjoy learning and networking in a social setting and believe that this makes us all more efficient and productive in our jobs.
  How is FOSPA different from other facilities groups?
•  While there are several different facilities groups many are chapters of a larger entity with a national affiliation that could have hundreds or even thousands of members.
•  FOSPA has a very small group of members with mostly St. Louis area connections and we feel this better allows our members voices to be shared locally.
  How can FOSPA help me?
•  Do you ever have a problem you need some help with but are just not sure where to look?
•  Have you ever needed a good reference for a vendor?
•  Do you need a second opinion, set of specs or project bid package to compare?
•  Do you just want to ask some questions about facilities issues with other people that are in the same occupations without any high pressure sales?
  Can anyone join and how do I find out more about costs?
•  All are welcome as we deal with many diverse issues within building and facilities operations.
•  We have single memberships and vendor memberships starting from $100 dollars annually.
•  We have a great value corporate membership that allows a very cost effective way to spread the value of information and knowledge to your entire staff for what may be less than sending one person to a single traditional seminar venue.
•  Feel free to contact our membership director the information can easily be found on the “Executive Committee Link” of the web page and we may even be able to arrange a meet and greet opportunity at an upcoming presentation.

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