Greetings Friends and Welcome Back to FOSPA!

Membership renewals are still slowly coming in so if you have not finished up this detail please do so soon.

New Letter from the President


Greetings Friends:


I wish to take a moment to thank all those that have supported and participated in your group this past season.  Your group is best when members attend events throughout the year and take the time to get to know one another.  I also want to extend an invitation to each of you to join your group again next year and then make time to attend some upcoming events. Accept my invitation to also bring a friend to an educational presentation next year and introduce them to FOSPA.    


Nominations for open Board positions have been received and are now closed.


Thank you to those showing interest and wanting to serve in these capacities, we look forward to gaining your insight and welcome you with enthusiasm.  


Your upcoming Christmas event is December 14th at Westwood Country Club.  Please RSVP on the web site no later than December 1st if you will be attending.


Membership renewals will be sent soon and those that renew by April 30, 2018 and who participate in the group are eligible to receive invitations to future “Special events”.    


Please remember your vendor associates when you have a need for services they may provide or if you have any questions they may answer, they really are here to help.


Happy Holidays / See you soon
Walt Boncek
President FOSPA

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    FOSPA Christmas Party

     FOSPA Annual Christmas Party

     Hosted by Don Harmon

     December 14th, 2017

     5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


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